Purtan Podcast #93: "Syria & Dick-plomacy"

In this latest Podcast Dick offers up his ideas on ways to solve the Syrian situation that you might find intriguing…or NOT! From there he, his wife Gail, & daughter Jackie touch on (bad choice of words)  "Carlos Danger's" NYC Mayoral defeat, and discuss the new e-cigs (something Anthony Weiner's female constituents often enjoy after his latest "tweets". Smoke 'em if you got 'em! 

Purtan Podcast #92: "Lou-berace Gives Us An Encore"

Dick & Jackie welcome former radio guy Lou Roberts back to not only tickle the ivories, but tickle your "funny bone", as the three discuss Smartphones, Dumbphones, and a lot of other Dumbstuff! You'd have to be "dumb" to miss it! 

Purtan Podcast #91: "It Had To Be Lou"

It's a Labor (Day Weekend) of laughs as Dick welcomes one of his favorite radio buddies to the table for some great radio stories - and a very special LIVE musical performance!


Purtan Podcast #89: “Latin? It’s All Greek To Me”

Join Dick, Jackie and guest Dr. Larry Lawson – the voice of “The Story Lady” and “Wendell Ledbetter” on Dick’s radio show for a “trip” thru everything from Larry’s recent Wedding blunder to a “Berlitz-Krieg” of how to speak coherently in foreign countries!

Purtan Podcast #88: “The Pope, A Dope, And A Baby!”

Join Dick and the gang as they tackle everything from Anthony Weiner to the rather extensive name of the newly born Royal Baby.  Also…great personal stories about the Pope (for real!) And they reveal who is Kim Jung Un’s favorite B-Ball player!

(Sorry Dennis!)


Purtan Podcast #87: Deceased Mayor Comes Back To Life!

One of the original "Purtan's People", the always funny and Coleman Young impersonator Joe Noune joins Dick to share some up close and personal stories about the Mayor and the City in ‘the good old days!”.

Purtan Podcast #86: "Lights! Camera! Actress!"

Dick sits down with an aspiring TV and Movie Actress who gets advice & great stories from Jackie, a former Second City Actor, who shares John Candy and “naked actors backstage” stories!

Purtan Podcast #85: “Happy B-Day Dick!”

Dick celebrated a Birthday Thurs. and the festival continues! Join the B-Day Boy, his wife Gail, 3 of their 6 daughters, & one grandson as they celebrate Purtan-style! There's even singing & dancing! (OK… no dancing) Unwrap Podcast #85 now!

Purtan Podcast #84: "But Weight! There's More!"

Dick starts out with a bang by informing his wife and daughter that a new study shows American women have been heavier in the last 50 years than in any other time in history. (Good move Dick - NOT) From there, they cover everything from A-Z. (Anthony Weiner to Zoomba). Plus...find out what happens when Dick gets in a pool with 25 women! So hop in... The water's fine in Podcast #83!

Purtan Podcast #83: “Dig This!”

Today Dick, Jackie and his wife Gail dig up the latest on Jimmy Hoffa, remember James Gandolfini, and tell you about new stockings designed to make women wearing them look like they have hairy legs and thus “Repel Perverts”.  Plus lots more…

Purtan Podcast #82: “Dear Old Dad!”

It’s Dad’s Day Weekend so lay on the couch and do nothing but listen to Dick, et al talk about “Manly Things” like Sports, Military Invasions, and the white puffy cottonwood things that seem to be taking over the world! Enjoy!

Purtan Podcast #81: "Every Tom, Dick & Jackie Has An Opinion..."

Today Dick, his daughter & fellow-Podcaster Jackie, and former Purtan's Person and big-time "Tonight Show" comedy writer Tom Delisle, fire up their mics at "Podcast Central" (or as Dick calls it on Thanksgiving - "the dining room table"). Listen in as the trio turns their attention to all-things Hollywood! From the death of Jean "Edith Bunker" Stapleton to the AFI's Writer's Guild top picks for the Five Best Written TV Shows of All Time...it's All here. Plus Tom shares a bonafide bombshell Hollywood SHOCKER, with some inside info about one of television's now-deceased most iconic hosts. (Even Carnac couldn't see this one coming!) And they all weigh-in on Michael Douglas's new film about Liberace - "Behind the Candelabra" and explain why they just couldn't get "behind" the movie. So butter your popcorn, sit back, and tune in to Podcast #81!

Purtan Podcast #80: "Unofficial Begininning of Summer Kicks Off With Fall Like Weather..."

Welcome to the unofficial beginning of Summer…Memorial Day Weekend! Although with the weather at the time of recording, was more like “Happy Halloween”.  In today’s all new Podcast, Mr. Purtan's better-half Gail, daughter Jackie and Dick cover more topics than you can shake a stick at (Does anyone know what that actually means?) From Jodi Arias and her revolving views on the death penalty - at least when it comes to herself - to the monkey in Justin Bieber’s pants, Gail’s real-life run in with Mr. Wonderful (no, not Anthony Weiner, we’re talking the one-and-only Liberace, to a “sexy” portrait of a rather “non sexy” celeb (especially since she died) that broke records in the auction world. Plus the trio dishes the latest on the big tree White House Scandals - including the story of the NFL player who Instagrammed a picture of himself, uh, relieving himself on the IRS Building sign. (Dick believes that counts as a “National Security Leak").

Purtan Podcast #79: "That's Just How We Roll..."

In today's Podcast Dick sits down with his regular partner-in-podcasting daughter Jackie, and a very special returning guest, his wife Gail. The trio weigh in on the hottest topics in the news from the Scandals rocking Washington...to a South American country that has literally run out of toilet paper. (Dick thinks they should ask Iran for help since they're always threatening to "wipe" other countries - especially this one - off the map!) Plus they put in their three cents on everybody's favorite felons - Jodi Arias, O.J. Simpson, and Detroit's ex-Mayor and current convict Kwame Kilpatrick. From the IRS to the AP to an abundance of BS from OJ... it's all here! So sit back, grab of roll of TP (just in case) and tune in to Podcast #79!

Purtan Podcast #78: "Tom's Excellent (Air-Conditioned) Adventure"

This time around Dick and fellow Podcaster, daughter Jackie, welcome Dick's long time on-air partner Tom Ryan back to Podcast Central. The trio cover a whole gamut of topics including Albert Einstein's little known role as "chick magnet" (It had to be the hair!) to the not-so-genius moves of the many, many Radio Program Directors they encountered over the years. Dick reveals what the "10 Second Rule" means in Radio (yes, it does involve the mouth, but not putting dropped food in it!) and how he risked his career repeatedly by refusing to follow it. Meanwhile Tom shares a bunch of "Goofy" stories about his recent trip to Disney World - and how he did everything but give Donald Duck his pants in exchange for some air-conditioning and a place to sit down. And speaking of Disney, you'll hear a story involving Jackie, Morey Amsterdam (from the Dick Van Dyke Show), and The Seven Dwarfs that will give you a whole new appreciation for Snow White!

So sit back, relax and join them for a trip through the Magic Kingdom that is Podcast #78!

Purtan Podcast #40: "I'm Back From Vacation... And Getting Back To Work, Uh, I Mean Retirement!"

Today Dick is back broadcasting from up North after dodging the not cold, not snowy, ridiculously mild March and April Michigan weather by going to Florida. He is joined by his "regular" fellow Podcaster daughter Jackie, along with special guest star... Dr. Phil. (Okay, it's actually his daughter Jessica - But she is a psychologist and has much nicer hair and a thinner mustache). They touch on everything from exercise & eating habits to Jessica's 8 year old son Jack who given recent events in Colombia... may end up becoming a Secret Service Agent. Buckle your seat belts... it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Purtan Podcast #77: "We're Back…And Oooooh That's (Count) Scary!"

Finally! After a six-week "Spring Break" from Podcasting, Dick is back at his dining room table with daughter Jackie and his long-time radio partner and special guest, Tom Ryan. (Those of you from the Detroit area will also remember Tom as TV's "Count Scary") Speaking of scary…Dick and Tom take a trip down memory lane - and we're talking a very fast trip - involving Dick's driving technique in the Windsor Tunnel, back when the duo work at Canada's CKLW. And they''ll share the story of a prank two of Dick's daughters pulled that could have landed both he and Tom in hot water with the Canadian Immigration Department.  They also "Pontificate" if you will, on how germaphobia and gluten allergies have affected the Catholic Church. (You can't make this stuff up…) Plus…tips on the best colors to wear to beat the summer heat (it's not what you've always been told!) and our Podcasting Trio reveal the vehicles that none of them will park next to, and more importantly - WHY?

Spring Break may be over, but you're invited to join them for a "Senior Trip" (Not counting Jackie who is 27!!!) in Podcast #77.


Purtan Podcast #76: "The Life Of P.I."

In their latest "Podisode", Dick and daughter Jackie welcome a gentleman to the table who has a rather interesting and unusual occupation. Think Humphrey Bogart...(No not as a River Boat Captain in the "African Queen") but as a Private Eye...a Private Dick...a Gumshoe, if you will. If you ever wondered If P.I.'s still exist...THEY DO...and that's what special guest Tim Lennon does for a living. From Insurance Fraud cases, to  middle-of-the-night maneuvers to plant high-tech gear capable of tracking a cheating spouse ANYWHERE, to old-fashioned leg-work...Tim does it all. He's got some great stories - including one about a cheating couple he caught "enjoying each other" on videotape in a car - not once, but twice in the span of 10 minutes. And with St. Patty's Day right around the corner, their full-blooded Irish guest explains how be begins celebrating each year (It involves his late father, cold beer and a cemetery). Plus Dick uncovers the bizarre story of how Jackie and Tim met, and how several years later, they ended up in a relationship of their own. So dust off your shamrocks and tune into Podcast #76...And if you feel like you're being watched...well, you never know!

Purtan Podcast #75: "Rodman Puts The 'Madness' In March And Other Bizarre Stuff!"

Today Dick & Jackie welcome you to the month of March with Podcast #75. And when it comes to topics, their cups definitely runneth over...(And Dick's not just talking about the "We Saw Your Boobs" song and dance number served up by Seth MacFarlane at the Oscars!) There's the Pope's official retirement (Rumor he was wearing golf shoes under his robe when he boarded the helicopter) to the hot new word in Washington: "Sequester". (Apparently it's not just for jury's anymore!) And your won't want to miss their in-depth coverage of Basketball Bad-Boy Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea to hang with Kim Jong Un in an effort to bring peace to the two nations. Relations between the countries may still be strained...but apparently Dennis has developed "feelings" for the dictator and actually "Loves the guy!!! (Hey...it's probably less dangerous to his health that dating Madonna was!) There's plenty more...so sit back, and join Dick and Jackie as they "March" towards Spring with a "Pope-Pourri" of topics in Podcast #75!

Purtan Podcast #73: "History vs. Herstory?"

In this weeks "Podisode" Dick and daughter Jackie welcome "Mr. Positive" himself, former "Purtan's Person" character voice guy, Jim Ochs back to the dining room table. With the Oscars coming up, they talk about what appears to be the frontrunner "Argo" (who knew a movie about Cornstarch would be such a hit with the critics?) and how it will fare against Dick's fav "Lincoln". Ironically, Jim's belief that men like historical pictures while women prefer flicks featuring bare-chested men (think "Magic Mike") sets off a verbal Civil War between Jackie, Dick and Jim that may only end up settled at the Appomattox Court House. They also reveal today's most bankable actress...and least bankable actor. Then they switch from the Silver Screen to the computer screen to tell you about a new way Internet scammers are using YOU to get your friends to open ads for a wide range of things. (Let's just say Dick's #4 daughter JoAnne was a tad suspicious when she received an ad for a male-enhancement product allegedly sent by daughter #2, Jackie!) So stop opening fake e-mails and click on the real deal: Podcast #73!