In their latest "Podisode", Dick and daughter Jackie welcome a gentleman to the table who has a rather interesting and unusual occupation. Think Humphrey Bogart...(No not as a River Boat Captain in the "African Queen") but as a Private Eye...a Private Dick...a Gumshoe, if you will. If you ever wondered If P.I.'s still exist...THEY DO...and that's what special guest Tim Lennon does for a living. From Insurance Fraud cases, to  middle-of-the-night maneuvers to plant high-tech gear capable of tracking a cheating spouse ANYWHERE, to old-fashioned leg-work...Tim does it all. He's got some great stories - including one about a cheating couple he caught "enjoying each other" on videotape in a car - not once, but twice in the span of 10 minutes. And with St. Patty's Day right around the corner, their full-blooded Irish guest explains how be begins celebrating each year (It involves his late father, cold beer and a cemetery). Plus Dick uncovers the bizarre story of how Jackie and Tim met, and how several years later, they ended up in a relationship of their own. So dust off your shamrocks and tune into Podcast #76...And if you feel like you're being watched...well, you never know!