July 1st...

Jackie here... Thanks a million for all your birthday wishes! So much appreciated! And now on with the news....


Today is Canada Day.. the day they celebrate the "forming of the dominion", thanks for asking', eh? 

- And they're also celebrating  the day I left CKLW and crossed back over the river...


NJ Governor Chris Christie launched his Presidential Campaign in his old high school gym.

- He wanted to start with a fresh slate and make the announcement somewhere he's never been before. 


Negotiators for the US and Iran have extended the deadline for a nuclear deal until July 7th. 

- Apparently Iran wants to see how the whole "fireworks thing" works out on the 4th. 


The captured New York inmate David Sweat, is recovering from his gunshot wounds and and is looking forward to returning to prison.,

- He's hoping to get a cell next to,  his former girlfriend, Joyce Mitchell. 


See you back here Thursday!


Purtan Podcast #166: "Fifty Shades Of A Three-Year-Old"

Brayden and his Aunt Jackie 

Brayden and his Aunt Jackie 

Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #166! This week Daughter #6, Julie, and her 3 year old son Brayden join me and Jackie at the Purtan Dining Room Table for a grown up conversation (except for the 3 year old part). Topics include:  

- The common words and expressions we're not supposed to use anymore according to the "PC Police".

- The recent trend of parents giving their babies "neutral gender" names.

- Can women really have specific-sex embryos implanted to guarantee they'll get the boy or girl they want, as Kim Kardashian claims she did? 

- The stupidest question...by far...that I ever asked a doctor.

- And the fourth and latest volume in the "Fifty Shade of Grey" series.

So before you run out to the bookstore...take a few minutes and listen to Podcast #166!   (31:17) 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back her Monday with my regular blog!