Purtan Podcast #151: "One Week and Counting 'Til The Radiothon..."

Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #151... We cover a lot of topics this week... but first and foremost, next Friday, February 27,  we are going to have a "Purtan's People" reunion at the 28th Annual Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon - broadcast on 760 WJR. And for the first time the 16-Hour event will be held at the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak - on Eleven Mile one block East of Main Street.  It runs from 6am to 10pm...with Yours Truly, along with Jackie, Big Al, Rebecca Rhodes, Joe Noune, Jim Ochs and other members of my radio show taking the evening shift... 7pm to 10pm.

In this week's podcast we'll reveal the full line-up of hosts and guests...from Paul W. Smith, Frank Beckman & Mitch Albom to Ronald Reagan, Coleman Young, and Vladimir Putin! 

It's especially fitting that as we face a winter of record breaking low temperatures and wind chills, we come together to raise money for this incredibly vital program that feeds more than 5000 men, women and children EVERY DAY, 365 days a year, and shelters more than 600 people every night. 

A donation of just $10 dollars a month ($120/yr) feeds ONE person for an ENTIRE YEAR And $20 a month ($240/yr) feeds TWO people for 365 days. Only the Salvation Army Bed & Bread Trucks can do that. 

You can even donate NOW by calling 248-528-0760 or by going to WJR.com. 

On a less serious note... This week's Podcast also includes a personal story about the closing of the Detroit Playboy Club...and what each "Bunny" received as a "Retirement" gift. And some stories about Detroit's own Thom Sharpe...the man who wrote and sang the classic "They Don't Make Nun Names Like That No More".

So step out of the cold and get fired up for Podcast #151!   (41:18) 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!


A Picture Perfect Day...

Jackie was on hand at Suburban Ford in Sterling Heights at noon today when James Robertson, the Detroit man who has made International news and gained worldwide admiration for his tireless work ethic, was surprised with a brand new 2015 Ford Taurus. After ten plus years of walking 21 miles to get to and from his job, as of today, James has his own car. 

The first pic is courtesy of the Detroit Free Press photographer Ryan Garza. The other three were taken by Jackie...with the last one showing the great amount of media that was on hand. 

It's Super Bowl Weekend...Why Not An Instant Replay?

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Welcome to the weekend and an Encore Presentation of Podcast #148!

I'm putting last week's Podcast up again because I've got a surprise coming up for you at the beginning of next week. I'm recording it on Monday with a very special guest - unlike any I've had on in the past. 

You'll be reading this man's incredible story in the Freep this Sunday - and he - James - will be joining me, along with Jackie and her friend Blake, with more on this exceptional man, and how a random act of kindness by Blake brought the three of them together.  

So for now...It's #148: The Sequel (or actually...The Repeat) 

Topics include: 

- The upcoming 28th Annual Salvation Army Radiothon, Friday Feb. 27, on WJR 760.

-  "No Pudge Brownies"... the great way to enjoy my favorite dessert with all the fudginess and none of the pudginess.  

- National DJ Day - surprisingly, a day honoring Club DJ's for "bringing energy to the dance floor", NOT Radio DJ's. But it doesn't matter because Radio guys like being called "Air Personalities" instead. 

- The current controversy over the New England Patriots and who deflated their footballs...and my personal experience with deflated footballs on the street where I grew up. 

- The 6 NFL teams I always root for... and why. 

- And a little known story about a former Buffalo Bills QB who was framed by the mafia... involving a drugged drink, a hotel bed, a hooker and a photograph. 

I look forward to sharing James amazing journey with you next week...but for now, tune in again (or for the first time!) to Podcast #148.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday!



As many of you know, yesterday on my Facebook page, I announced that I was taking a day off from the blog to explore a possible run for President in 2016... albeit of my Neighborhood Homeowners Association. 

Hundreds of you responded...and I was bowled over with your kind words, support and encouragement. I can't thank you enough. 

I have been a very fortunate man and have always wanted to do whatever I can to “give back” to my community.. or in this case, “Subdivision”.

But after long talks with my staff (actually I just mentioned it to my wife Gail and the UPS guy who delivered a package yesterday) it is with a heavy heart that I announce today that, after careful consideration, I have decided against throwing my hat in the ring for President of the Neighborhood Homeowners Association. 

While it would have been an honor to serve - and make important decisions about things like trash pick-up and which day to hold the annual Subdivision Garage Sale, I feel the pressure and responsibility of such an esteemed office would take too much time away from my family…and would really cut into my time running to the drugstore to pick up more vitamins.

One need only look at one of our Greatest Presidents…Mr. Belevedere…to see the toll such a responsibility can take on a man. 

And so for now, I will remain a simple Homeowner. I thank you all again for your support. And who knows…There’s always 2020!