Finally! After a six-week "Spring Break" from Podcasting, Dick is back at his dining room table with daughter Jackie and his long-time radio partner and special guest, Tom Ryan. (Those of you from the Detroit area will also remember Tom as TV's "Count Scary") Speaking of scary…Dick and Tom take a trip down memory lane - and we're talking a very fast trip - involving Dick's driving technique in the Windsor Tunnel, back when the duo work at Canada's CKLW. And they''ll share the story of a prank two of Dick's daughters pulled that could have landed both he and Tom in hot water with the Canadian Immigration Department.  They also "Pontificate" if you will, on how germaphobia and gluten allergies have affected the Catholic Church. (You can't make this stuff up…) Plus…tips on the best colors to wear to beat the summer heat (it's not what you've always been told!) and our Podcasting Trio reveal the vehicles that none of them will park next to, and more importantly - WHY?

Spring Break may be over, but you're invited to join them for a "Senior Trip" (Not counting Jackie who is 27!!!) in Podcast #77.