Today Dick & Jackie welcome you to the month of March with Podcast #75. And when it comes to topics, their cups definitely runneth over...(And Dick's not just talking about the "We Saw Your Boobs" song and dance number served up by Seth MacFarlane at the Oscars!) There's the Pope's official retirement (Rumor he was wearing golf shoes under his robe when he boarded the helicopter) to the hot new word in Washington: "Sequester". (Apparently it's not just for jury's anymore!) And your won't want to miss their in-depth coverage of Basketball Bad-Boy Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea to hang with Kim Jong Un in an effort to bring peace to the two nations. Relations between the countries may still be strained...but apparently Dennis has developed "feelings" for the dictator and actually "Loves the guy!!! ('s probably less dangerous to his health that dating Madonna was!) There's plenty sit back, and join Dick and Jackie as they "March" towards Spring with a "Pope-Pourri" of topics in Podcast #75!