Today Dick, his daughter & fellow-Podcaster Jackie, and former Purtan's Person and big-time "Tonight Show" comedy writer Tom Delisle, fire up their mics at "Podcast Central" (or as Dick calls it on Thanksgiving - "the dining room table"). Listen in as the trio turns their attention to all-things Hollywood! From the death of Jean "Edith Bunker" Stapleton to the AFI's Writer's Guild top picks for the Five Best Written TV Shows of All's All here. Plus Tom shares a bonafide bombshell Hollywood SHOCKER, with some inside info about one of television's now-deceased most iconic hosts. (Even Carnac couldn't see this one coming!) And they all weigh-in on Michael Douglas's new film about Liberace - "Behind the Candelabra" and explain why they just couldn't get "behind" the movie. So butter your popcorn, sit back, and tune in to Podcast #81!