In this weeks "Podisode" Dick and daughter Jackie welcome "Mr. Positive" himself, former "Purtan's Person" character voice guy, Jim Ochs back to the dining room table. With the Oscars coming up, they talk about what appears to be the frontrunner "Argo" (who knew a movie about Cornstarch would be such a hit with the critics?) and how it will fare against Dick's fav "Lincoln". Ironically, Jim's belief that men like historical pictures while women prefer flicks featuring bare-chested men (think "Magic Mike") sets off a verbal Civil War between Jackie, Dick and Jim that may only end up settled at the Appomattox Court House. They also reveal today's most bankable actress...and least bankable actor. Then they switch from the Silver Screen to the computer screen to tell you about a new way Internet scammers are using YOU to get your friends to open ads for a wide range of things. (Let's just say Dick's #4 daughter JoAnne was a tad suspicious when she received an ad for a male-enhancement product allegedly sent by daughter #2, Jackie!) So stop opening fake e-mails and click on the real deal: Podcast #73!