Welcome to the unofficial beginning of Summer…Memorial Day Weekend! Although with the weather at the time of recording, was more like “Happy Halloween”.  In today’s all new Podcast, Mr. Purtan's better-half Gail, daughter Jackie and Dick cover more topics than you can shake a stick at (Does anyone know what that actually means?) From Jodi Arias and her revolving views on the death penalty - at least when it comes to herself - to the monkey in Justin Bieber’s pants, Gail’s real-life run in with Mr. Wonderful (no, not Anthony Weiner, we’re talking the one-and-only Liberace, to a “sexy” portrait of a rather “non sexy” celeb (especially since she died) that broke records in the auction world. Plus the trio dishes the latest on the big tree White House Scandals - including the story of the NFL player who Instagrammed a picture of himself, uh, relieving himself on the IRS Building sign. (Dick believes that counts as a “National Security Leak").