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Purtan Podcast #155: "In Elementary School...How Come I Had To Know All About Those 'Exploer' Guys?"

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Welcome to the first weekend of APRIL and Podcast #155... In this go-around, Jackie and I shower you with a discussion of topics including: 

- When does food REALLY "expire"? And our very different views of what's okay to eat...and when it's okay to eat it. 

- My experiences with food poisoning...including one that landed me in the hospital. 

- The Tigers new season and the quest to give Mike Ilitch a much deserved World Series Ring. 

- The MLB team that Vegas odds-makers think will go all the way this year... REALLY? 

- My love of Wikipedia.

- How I was literally pounded in elementary school about "The Explorers". 

- And on that note... A quiz about those explorers and what they discovered.

So put on your thinking cap...along with your Tiger's cap...and take a swing at Podcast #155.

Have a great weekend - GO SPARTANS! GO TIGERS! - and I'll see you back here on Monday!


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Purtan Podcast #149: "James Robertson: The Walker"

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If you read the lead story in the Free Press Sunday, or have watched CBS This Morning, The TODAY Show, Fox and Friends on cable or a host of local TV reports, you know the story of James Roberston. He's the local man who walks 21 miles to and from work 5 days a week - and has for the last eleven years - without missing a single day. 

Jackie is lucky enough to call this exceptional man her friend and today he joins us, along with Blake Pollock, the man who first "found" James, for a conversation, giving us all the chance to get to know him on a more personal level. 

James not only embodies an incredible determination and work ethic so rare in America these days, he is funny, smart, wise, humble and simply put: remarkable. 

Please join us for this very special Podcast with a very special man: James. 

Have a great day...  (48:32)


Purtan Podcast #132: "Are Men Too Dumb To Date Smart Women?"

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Welcome to the weekend and a brand new Podcast - #132. Today I'm joined by daughters #1 & #2 (Jennifer and Jackie) for another go-around at the Purtan dining room table. On today's menu: 

- Are men actually "intimidated" when they date "smart" women...and do women have to dumb themselves down for things to go anywhere? 

- My College Alma Mater being named the #1 Party School in America...and my non-drinking days while I was there. 

- Bill Clinton's statement on September 10th, 2001 - saying that he could have killed Osama Bin Laden TEN times...but decided not to. 

- Law & Order: SVU's Mariska Hargitay: Strange name. Fabulous Actress. 

- How the 1.2 Billion usernames, passwords, and email addresses stolen by the Russians led to an unusual "Friend Request" I got on Facebook. 

- And the mystery of the horse that Maid Marion rode in the famous Errol Flynn movie "Robin Hood". 

So pour yourself something cold, put it in the microwave on high since it feels like October out - and take sip of Podcast #132!   (35:58) 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday with my usual blog! 


Purtan Podcast #131: "3 Purtan's, "Packed", & Ready to Go!"

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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #131! Today I'm joined by not one but two of my daughters, my Podcasting partner Jackie (daughter #2) and special guest Jennifer (daughter #1). And when it comes to topics, we travel from one to another, all over the map! Here's a sample: 

- The rising sense of panic over the coming winter because of such a cool summer. (After last years devastating winter!)  

- I tell the story of an American woman on a trip to China who went back to her hotel room and found a man from the Chinese government going through the computer in her room. 

- Why the secret service doesn't like to cover Joe Biden. 

- The reason that Jennifer and Jackie had "unusual" births. 

- My experience with "Shingles" (not the roofing kind!)

- A Purtan family story involving a piece of medical equipment and Sheena Easton's song "Morning Train". 

- Some stories about my Dad and his love of singing and dancing. 

- The (in my opinion) great movie "Baby Boom" and the strange way that Comcast rates the movies they show on cable. 

- The one Movie that Jackie will NOT watch and what the "flying monkeys" are really chanting in that film. 

- Plus the time in everyone's life when they "peak"...and which one of the three of us doesn't feel we've hit that point yet. 

So set your GPS for "anywhere and everywhere" and join us for a verbal "road trip" in Podcast #131.  (37:17)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog! 


Purtan Podcast #130: "John, Paul, George, Ringo & Charlie?"

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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #130! This week I welcome not only my regular partner in Podcast Crime, daughter Jackie to my dining room table, but her 12 year old son Charlie as well! On the docket: 

- What REALLY killed the dinosaurs according to 12 year old Charlie. (If you thought it was just an asteroid...think again)

- Charlie offers up his theory that there comes a point in everyone's life when they think they become "awesome". 

- On the 50th anniversary of their first American tour, Jackie gives me a quiz on "The Beatles!" 

- I share my personal experience with The Fab Four...and explain how I was involved with bringing them to Cincinnati for one of their first American concerts! Plus, how I ended up spending time with them backstage and emceeing their show. 

- Speaking of music... I tell you about the time Dick Clark asked me to be one of a handful of  judges on his 3 hour ABC Network TV special to pick the Top Song of the 60's 70's and 80's, and the Best Song from all three decades combined. I'll tell you which song I picked and if the other judges agreed.  

- Plus we talk about a recent news item about which country has had the most penis enlargements...and I'll give you my theory about who had the first enlargement and how it led to WWII. 

So grab something cool to sip on (or maybe something hot - the weather changes faster than Taylor Swift changes boyfriends) and join us for Podcast #130.  (30:03)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog! 


P.S. We're thrilled to welcome "Intelligent Catering" as a sponsor! They specialize in complete, healthy, and delicious chicken dinners! To have your next luncheon, party, or any event catered, give them a call at 248-444-8147!


Purtan Podcast #107: "Online Dating & Dictators"

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Welcome to the weekend and a brand new Podcast - #107.  Dad's no longer in North Korea having proudly hung his "Mission Accomplished" banner after his work with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un to achieve world peace. But our "Globe Trotter" isn't done yet...

Hearing about his success, Russian Prez. Vladimir Putin invited him to the Kremlin to help develop a high-tech security system for the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi. (I think it's his work on the Obamacare website that got him the gig!)

While there, Dad was stunned to find out that after retiring from being a ruthless Communist, one of the greatest insane Russian dictators of all time, Vladimir Lenin, would go on to write that incredible hit song "Imagine"  And when Putin showed him Josef Stalin's yearbook photo, (voted "Most Likely To Kill 20 Million of His Own People"), he realized that Stalin had a better haircut than Kim Jung Un. 

That leaves my special return guest Joe Noune and me to man (and woman) Podcast Central. And Joe has big news: HE HAS GIVEN UP ON ALL DATING! And when he shares the stories of just two of the dates he met online, you'll understand. Let's just say one of the women so misrepresented her "physical attributes" he ended up on a date at The Palace with a female Dick Butkus. 

To be honest, Joe's dating prowess was a non-starter even in high school. Just wait til you hear the story of his teenage girlfriend who told him she suffered from a rare disorder that would cause her to lose consciousness if he ever touched her. Yep...he believed her the entire three years they dated. 

So get out a tissue or two (you'll laugh, you'll cry...) and join us for Podcast #107!

Have a great weekend and Dad and I will see you back @dickpurtan.com on Monday for our regular blog!


Purtan Podcast #110: "Don't Snooze...There's NEWS!!!"

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Welcome to another frigid weekend and a cool new Podcast...#110! We've got BIG NEWS today regarding a rather important event coming up on Friday, February 21st!

But you'll have to stay tuned! (There hasn't been that big a tease since Phyllis Diller had her hair done).

First...Jackie and I sit around the Purtan dining room table to take on the very latest in current events. From the bizarre and downright dangerous hotel rooms at the Sochi Olympics (I'll explain why you should never book a room in Russia on priceline.com...munist) to a television milestone (I'm talking Jay Leno's departure...NOT Bob Costa's hosting the Olympics with "Pink-Eye"), there's plenty to talk about. 

Did I mention the allegations that Bill Clinton had an affair with Austin Power's Star Elizabeth Hurley? (We'll give you our thoughts on whether or not the former Commander-in-Briefs really showed her his "Mini-Me".) Plus...we'll tell you why we're so "high" on the idea of Justin Bieber's Dad being named "Father of The year". 

And speaking of musicians (Did I just call Justin Bieber a musician???) I'll tell you about the drastic measures that Dancing With The Stars is taking to attract younger viewers. 

And then we get to the real meat of the Podcast, when we welcome special guest Dale Johnson to the table. Dale will once again be serving as the Producer of the upcoming Salvation Army Bed & Bread Radiothon benefiting the all-important Bed & Bread Club - that feeds over 5000 men women and children EVERY SINGLE DAY and shelters more than 600 people every night. 

The Radiothon is coming up on Friday, February 21st, live from the Oakland Mall, from 6am to 10pm, and broadcast live on WJR 760 AM. And I am happy to announce that we'll be having a reunion of sorts. In addition to joining Paul W. Smith, Frank Beckman and the other guys during the day, yours truly will be Hosting the 4pm to 8pm slot along with some former "Purtan's People" including Big Al and Jackie! I hope you'll join us at the mall, tune in, but most importantly DONATE! The donation line (248) 528-0760 is already up and running if you want to get a head start. Just $10 a month ($120/year) will FEED ONE PERSON FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, $20 a month ($240 for the year) will FEED TWO PEOPLE FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! It's an amazing program - and with the weather we're experiencing this year - an especially life saving one as well.  

For all the details on how you can help change the lives of our friends and neighbors for the better...tune in to Podcast #110. 

Have a great weekend...and as I used to say...and still do..."Thanks for Listening!"


Purtan Podcast #111: "Countdown To The Radiothon!"

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Welcome to the weekend and a fresh-as-the-fallen snow Podcast! (#111) Today's special guest (our most requested) is the very talented former "Purtan's Person" Tom Delisle. Tom lives about 45 minutes away from Podcast Central (i.e.: my dining room table) and he said his steering wheel still hadn't completely thawed out when he pulled in. 

That led to our discussion of the long, cold winter. (Whoever knew people could spend so much time talking about the weather - and not because they don't know what else to say?!) And of course the LATEST QUESTION: Is global warming really the cause of the mini Ice Age we're experiencing? Or is it just the fact that it's Damn cold? Period! 

From there, it's a natural transition to a story about my late mother-in-law, her older sister Ethel, and a holiday phone call that have made the initials "N.A.B.G" a part of our family's regular vocabulary. 

And with the 27th Annual 16-Hour Salvation Army Radiothon for the Bed & Bread Club less than a week away - next Friday, Feb. 21st - I'll explain the importance of this incredible program. Simply put, it feeds 5000 men, women and children in Metro-Detroit 365 days a year and shelters more than 600 people a night. A donation of just $10 a month ($120/yr) FEEDS ONE PERSON FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR and $20 a month ($240 for the year) FEEDS TWO PEOPLE FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. Nobody gives you more bang for your charity buck than that! And this year is kind of special for me... while I'll be popping in and out of the broadcast all day live from the Oakland Mall and broadcast on 760 AM WJR, I will actually be HOSTING the 4pm to 8pm slot with Big Al and Jackie. It's a reunion for us - and we'd love to have you donate while we're on the air! Heck, you can even donate now by calling 248-528-0760. As they say..."Operators are standing by!"

And speaking of the Radiothon...we'll tell you about another event that I emceed the other night that raised $25,000 for the Bed & Bread Program. It was called "Comedy for a Cause" and featured not only a great Headliner, Taylor Mason, but the Stand Up Debut of someone on this very Podcast. (Hint: It wasn't Tom or me). 

While were on the subject of laughs, we lament the passing of the incredible Sid Caeser and I'll tell you how two of my daughters and I came to have a rather interesting meeting with him at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. 

And I'll finish up with a story about my daughter JoAnne that I'm pretty sure I'm going to get in trouble for putting on the Podcast. But hey, as they say, "It's Good To Be The Dad!" 

So join me as we gear up for the Radiothon and have some laughs along the way in Podcast #111!  (44:33)

Have a great weekend!


Purtan Podcast #112: "Dah...Dah...Dah...Dah...Dah..."

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Welcome to the weekend and Now...Here's...Podcast #112!

Today we welcome back my most requested (and not just by his wife) special guest, former "Purtan's Person" Tom Delisle, for a Podcast featuring all things "Tonight Show". 

With Jimmy Fallon now behind the iconic desk, we discuss the history of the storied late night show, from how Jack Parr ended up replacing Steve Allen (the original host) to who Jay Leno NEVER MENTIONED on his first "Tonight Show" broadcast and why.

Jackie, Tom & I also debate who was the best Tonight Show host of all time and I'll tell you the inside story of who really aced Conan O'Brien out of the TS job (and it WASN'T Jay Leno!) 

And I could do a monologue on some of the other things we cover...including whether or not our former "Commander-in-Briefs"...yes Bill Clinton...really "had sex with that woman...Elizabeth Hurley" and whether or not Woody Allen is seriously BANANAS! 

There's lots more...but I'm having trouble typing so I'm running out to Metro Airport to have my fingers De-Iced! 

Have a great weekend, kiss February goodbye and March into Podcast #112! 


Purtan Podcast #114: "Here's Just A Sample Of What You'll Hear"

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Welcome to the first weekend of Spring!!! Today I offer up an encore of the Podcast we put up last Friday. Why? I got a lot of emails about it and wanted to give those of you who didn't hear it a chance to check it out. Next question: Why so many emails? Well, Podcast #114 features two hilarious "Everything You Wanted To Know About Trying To Get Pregnant But Were Afraid To Ask" stories. One from former "Purtan's Person" Joe Noune, and the other from my daughter Jackie. 

Both Joe and Jackie's then-husband had to have their "Michael Phelps" counted (if you catch my drift) and though their experiences were different...they are both hysterical. Who knew "giving a sample" could be so complicated? 

What's NOT complicated is listening to the Podcast! Just click on either of the links on this page and voila! You can "sample" it for yourself!

Have a great Spring Weekend! 


Purtan Podcast #115: "Potholes, Photo-Ops & P. Diddy"

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Welcome to the weekend and a brand new "Pothole Podcast!" (Our 115th Podcast - but only the 3rd since the Pothole invasion!)

The crumbling roads reminded me of something the great comic actor Walter Matthau once said to me when he was a guest as I was filling in for Bill Kennedy. You'll have to listen to hear it, but think Germany in the 1940s. 

Then Jackie and I are "saved by the bell" so to speak, when she gets our traditional "It-Wouldn't-Be-a-Podcast-Without-One-Of-Us-Getting-a-Phone-Call" phone call, in this case, from a friend of hers out East. (No...it's not Anthony Weiner. He just tweets her.)

Next things really "pick-up" with a discussion about Hookers in Amsterdam which somehow - inexplicably - leads us to the memorable comments Jackie's 3rd or 4th grade teacher made about her during a parent-teacher conference. 

We also talk about Jackie's (alleged) lack of athletic prowess and I'll tell you about a sporting event where she beat me - and what that eventually led to for me. (Does she feel guilty? Yup! It's Jackie...she always feels guilty!)

While were on the subject of daughters, I tell you how an invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner led Gail and I to name our 4th daughter "JoAnne". Who did we name her after? You'll have to listen to find out. 

We also list the highest paid people in television (no, JoAnne isn't one of them...unfortunately!) and what they make. Plus...with the passing of two NFL team owners in the same week - William Clay Ford of the Lions and Ralph Wilson of the Buffalo Bills (Both Detroiters!) I'll tell you what each of them paid for their for respective teams more than 50 years ago...and what the Bills are worth today. It will astound you! 

Finally, Jackie and I give our theories on the still-missing Malaysian Flight 370 and more importantly, we cover P. Diddy's decision to change his name back to Puff Daddy. 

So take your mind off the Potholes by falling into Podcast #115!  (32:52)

Have a great weekend!