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Welcome to the first weekend of Spring!!! Today I offer up an encore of the Podcast we put up last Friday. Why? I got a lot of emails about it and wanted to give those of you who didn't hear it a chance to check it out. Next question: Why so many emails? Well, Podcast #114 features two hilarious "Everything You Wanted To Know About Trying To Get Pregnant But Were Afraid To Ask" stories. One from former "Purtan's Person" Joe Noune, and the other from my daughter Jackie. 

Both Joe and Jackie's then-husband had to have their "Michael Phelps" counted (if you catch my drift) and though their experiences were different...they are both hysterical. Who knew "giving a sample" could be so complicated? 

What's NOT complicated is listening to the Podcast! Just click on either of the links on this page and voila! You can "sample" it for yourself!

Have a great Spring Weekend!