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Welcome to the weekend and a brand new "Pothole Podcast!" (Our 115th Podcast - but only the 3rd since the Pothole invasion!)

The crumbling roads reminded me of something the great comic actor Walter Matthau once said to me when he was a guest as I was filling in for Bill Kennedy. You'll have to listen to hear it, but think Germany in the 1940s. 

Then Jackie and I are "saved by the bell" so to speak, when she gets our traditional "It-Wouldn't-Be-a-Podcast-Without-One-Of-Us-Getting-a-Phone-Call" phone call, in this case, from a friend of hers out East. ('s not Anthony Weiner. He just tweets her.)

Next things really "pick-up" with a discussion about Hookers in Amsterdam which somehow - inexplicably - leads us to the memorable comments Jackie's 3rd or 4th grade teacher made about her during a parent-teacher conference. 

We also talk about Jackie's (alleged) lack of athletic prowess and I'll tell you about a sporting event where she beat me - and what that eventually led to for me. (Does she feel guilty? Yup! It's Jackie...she always feels guilty!)

While were on the subject of daughters, I tell you how an invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner led Gail and I to name our 4th daughter "JoAnne". Who did we name her after? You'll have to listen to find out. 

We also list the highest paid people in television (no, JoAnne isn't one of them...unfortunately!) and what they make. Plus...with the passing of two NFL team owners in the same week - William Clay Ford of the Lions and Ralph Wilson of the Buffalo Bills (Both Detroiters!) I'll tell you what each of them paid for their for respective teams more than 50 years ago...and what the Bills are worth today. It will astound you! 

Finally, Jackie and I give our theories on the still-missing Malaysian Flight 370 and more importantly, we cover P. Diddy's decision to change his name back to Puff Daddy. 

So take your mind off the Potholes by falling into Podcast #115!  (32:52)

Have a great weekend!