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Welcome to the weekend and Now...Here's...Podcast #112!

Today we welcome back my most requested (and not just by his wife) special guest, former "Purtan's Person" Tom Delisle, for a Podcast featuring all things "Tonight Show". 

With Jimmy Fallon now behind the iconic desk, we discuss the history of the storied late night show, from how Jack Parr ended up replacing Steve Allen (the original host) to who Jay Leno NEVER MENTIONED on his first "Tonight Show" broadcast and why.

Jackie, Tom & I also debate who was the best Tonight Show host of all time and I'll tell you the inside story of who really aced Conan O'Brien out of the TS job (and it WASN'T Jay Leno!) 

And I could do a monologue on some of the other things we cover...including whether or not our former "Commander-in-Briefs"...yes Bill Clinton...really "had sex with that woman...Elizabeth Hurley" and whether or not Woody Allen is seriously BANANAS! 

There's lots more...but I'm having trouble typing so I'm running out to Metro Airport to have my fingers De-Iced! 

Have a great weekend, kiss February goodbye and March into Podcast #112!