It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day… and BABY… IT’S COLD OUTSIDE!!!

- Days like this are the reason I belong to the “Fur-Lined Underpants of the Month Club”!!!


President Trump addressed the nation on Saturday and offered to end the shutdown by making a deal with the Democrats. But Nancy Pelosi said his offer is not gonna fly with her party.

- And if anybody knows about “not flying” it’s Nancy Pelosi.


Tom Brady was so excited about heading to his ninth Super Bowl after Sunday’s epic 37-31 overtime win against the Kansas City Chiefs he dropped the F-bomb on live TV… saying he feels “Un-F—ing-believable”.

- What would REALLY be “Un-F-ing-believeable” would be the LIONS making it to the Super Bowl.


97 year old Prince Phillip was pulled over by London Police for not wearing a seatbelt just 48 hours after he crashed his Land Rover into another vehicle.

- At His age, the Prince should be wearing a seatbelt even when he’s sittin’ on the Throne!


The world’s oldest man has died at his home in northern Japan at the age of 113.

- Is it just me or does it seem like people named the “World’s Oldest Person” always end up dead a week later??

- See kids… This is what happens when you don’t take care of yourself.


An archeologist in Egypt says he’s on the verge of discovering the tomb where Antony & Cleopatra were buried after their joint suicides.

- Aren’t you supposed to actually FIND the thing you're looking for before you make the announcement? I’d say he’s doing this Asp-Backwards.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!