Employers say they are struggling with how to handle problematic tweets from their employees. 

- And that's just at the White House. 


The LA Rams and New Orleans Saints will make NFL history this fall by including males on their cheerleading squads. 

- The guys will do the same moves as the girls, but they'll have smaller Pom-Poms. 


Stormy Daniel's attorney is denying that he's ever had intimate contact with Stormy, saying "I've never had sexual relations with this woman". 

- Bill Clinton immediately accused him of Plagarism. 

The lawyer added that he thinks of Stormy as "a sister". 

- Or as Millennials call her "A Sister Who's Been With A Lot Of Misters". 


A New Jersey woman thought she was paying for a struggling man’s cup of coffee at a gas station, but it turned out to be country music star Keith Urban - who is worth $75 million.

- Look for Keith's new song: "I Lost My Pick-Up Truck and My Dog... But I Got A FREE Cup Of Coffee!"


Lady Gaga will perform 27 shows at the Park Hotel in Las Vegas this December. 

- She says she'll spend this Fall rehearsing and thawing out her costume. 

- She'll appear in a theater... and her meat dress will appear at the Midnight Buffet. 


Two elderly German men wandered out of a nursing home and were found at a heavy metal festival. 

- The men said it was "just like Woodstock!" except this time, instead of LSD they took Lipitor. 

- Cops found the two men dancing to the Guns 'N Roses hit "Sweet GRANDchild 'O Mine". 


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