Facebook says it "regrets" an algorithm mistake that caused balloons and confetti to appear in posts about a deadly earthquake in Indonesia.

- At this point Facebook apologizes more than Mel Gibson at a Bar Mitzvah. 


An Amish man in Michigan has started an AMISH Uber service, using his horse and buggy to provide rides for $5.  

- It's just like Uber but instead of using your phone, you order by yelling into a Cheese Wheel. 


O.J. Simpson was caught on tape telling fans at a Las Vegas restaurant that "Being a felon ain't all bad". 

- Read all about it in his new book: "If I Said It". 


A carjacking woman is under arrest after she fled into a field, where a group of cows chased her down and led her straight to the police. 

- She's been charged with a Moo-ving Violation. 

- It may seem like an Udderly ridiculous story, but it's true. 


An Oklahoma man was arrested after he was caught having sex with a pony in the middle of a field. 

- Find out more in the new movie: "Fifty Shades of Hay". 

- His wife was furious when she found out he was having an affair with his Secretariat. 


A company called "The Fit" is now selling "The World's Smallest Condoms" for men who don't quite fill out the ones you normally find at the drug store. 

- It takes a big man to admit he needs a small condom.


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