I was amazed by some of the reactions generated by yesterday's post about what Hillary Clinton wore during a stage appearance at an event in NYC. It wasn't about her weight or body type, it was about her choice of attire - a housecoat or Muu Muu (as many called it) - at a very public outing. 

First and foremost, this is intended to be a Humorous Blog. Every day my daughter Jackie and I scour the news for what we hope are "interesting" stories, and try to put a unique and comedic spin on them.  When it comes to politics, we reach across both side of the aisle - the same as I did on the radio for 45 years and have done in this forum for the last eight.

And as I do everyday, I read each and every response posted here on Facebook. Yesterday, I noticed "outrage" by some never-seen-before names as well as regular readers who took umbrage with what they called "fat-shaming". To say I was fat-shaming is a distortion of the facts; Unfair and Untrue. The post had to do with Hillary Clinton's unusual choice of outfits at a very public appearance. Not whether she was fat, thin or in-between. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Over my 45 years on Detroit radio, I commented on events and people of all kinds, including myself. It's worked pretty well for me... and I will continue regardless of some people's attempts to fuel their anger by fanning imaginary smoke from a non-existent fire. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. See you back here tomorrow!