Hillary Clinton appeared on stage at a festival in NYC over the weekend looking, well, you be the judge. 

- I think we finally know where she's hiding the emails. 


Meanwhile, pics have surfaced of Bill & Hillary having an intimate dinner with Harvey Weinstein just weeks after she lost the election. 

- After looking at this picture, we know why Harvey's never been accused of hitting on Hillary. (Bill either). 


A West Bloomfield man has created an App that will tell you what breed a dog is by analyzing a single photo. 

- In a related story... you can find out if a dog is a boy or a girl using the new "Pointer or Setter" app. 


Gatorade announced that they will launch customizable sports drinks that come with your name on the bottle as part of their new "Individual Hydration" program. 

- Remember the good old days when "Individual Hydration" meant getting a glass of water for yourself at the kitchen sink? 


An online pastor is predicting that a Super Blood Moon will cause the world to end in late August. 

- This comes as shocking news to half the country who thought the world already ended on Election Day 2016. 


Despite bad reviews, the sequel to Mamma Mia! drew huge audiences and took in $41 Million dollars during it's opening weekend. 

- The audiences were made up of thousands of women. And Richard Simmons.


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!