The Orion spaceship is on display on the White House Lawn this week as part of President Trump's "Made in American" Product Showcase. 

- Oh... I thought it was Melania's escape pod. 


A study out of Johns Hopkins found that Dogs DO sense when their owners are upset and will do anything to try to calm their owner down. 

- LabraDoodles will even draw you a happy picture! 


Officials in Japan say that plastic "Sex Dolls" are on the way to replacing real women. As proof, they say the birth rate fell by one million last year. 

- If you want to date someone who's part-plastic, part-human you can always hit-on a Kardashian.


A man was arrested after he stripped naked at a Planet Fitness gym, and struck a Yoga pose. His attorney said the man took the gym's "Judgment Free Zone" slogan too seriously.

- The lawyer said the man also once flew naked on a plane because of the slogan, "He Loves To Fly... And It Shows!"


85 year old Yoko Ono is set to release a new anti-war album in the fall. It will be low on music and center more on the spoken word. 

- There's a "spoken word" for people who listened to Yoko last album... "STOP!!!".


April the Giraffe is pregnant again! 

- So you can't get pregnant from a toilet seat, but apparently "necking" is another story.


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