Welcome to Monday and a very special Podcast! Today Jackie and I sit down around the Purtan Dining Room Table to celebrate the Mother of all Holidays... Mother's Day... coming up next Sunday! We'll tell you how our 6 girls turned the traditional M.D. Breakfast-in-Bed into an epic event complete with handmade menus (only Jackie could make an Eggo doused in Mrs. Butterworth's sound like a French creation from Julia Child) and the obstacle course that the girls had to go through to deliver the meal. Plus, how long it took Mom's 50 years ago to prepare family meals each day - compared to today. (God bless the microwave!) Also, at the risk of being accused of Okra-Shaming, I'll let you in on a little secret involving frozen foods and "ugly vegetables". And with Father's day coming up next month, I'll tell you about a great gift... the new "Hybrid" pants for men that can go from backyard BBQ to a night on the town on the fly (so to speak). Why bring up Father's Day Gifts you ask? Well, remember, "If It Wasn't For Your Father Would Your Mother Be Your Mother? So Remember Dad on Mother's Day!" 

Have a great Monday, check out Podcast #227, and I'll see you back here Tuesday! 


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