A new study shows that average Americans work about 200 more hours a year than Medieval Peasants did back in the 13th Century. 

- I guess the Medieval bosses were a lot stricter about employees wasting time on the Internet. 

- In fact they had signs posted reading "NO SERF-ing THE WEB!"


Tonya Harding narrowly survived elimination on last night's episode of Dancing With The Stars. 

- Good news for Tonya... GREAT news for her opponents' kneecaps.  


Adele is taking heat on social media for throwing herself a Titanic movie themed 30th Birthday party. 

- And just like that her "Hamburgers on The Hindenburg" BBQ planned for this weekend was cancelled.  


Democrat NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman - a vocal supporter of the #MeToo Movement - resigned just 3 hours after 4 women accused him of slapping and choking them during sex. He calls it "role-playing". 

- On the bright side, he's already signed a book deal for a series called "Fifty Spanks By Schneiderman". 

- If the charges pan out, he'll be arrested and handcuffed. Which he'll probably enjoy. 


Facebook is being accused of introducing ISIS members to each other through it's "suggested friends" feature which matches users who have "Liked" similar posts. 

- You know... stuff like "Suicide Vests For Dummies".  


Singer Rhianna is taking heat for showing up at the annual Met Gala in New York dressed up as "A Sexy Version of the Pope". 

- Chris Brown says he had planned on wearing the same outfit, but Rhianna "beat him to the punch". 


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