Today is "Brothers & Sisters Day!" We used to celebrate that at our house... but then we realized we had plenty of sisters but no brothers. 


The NY Times has leaked a whole bunch of questions they claim will be asked by Robert Mueller of Donald Trump during the Russian Investigation. 

- Including "What kind of hair dye do you use??" 


A pastor of a San Francisco Episcopal Church says that he will not apologize for having a "Beyonce Themed Service" this past weekend. 

- Apparently the pastor got confused when he realized Jesus had 12 followers and Beyonce has over 200 million.


On this date in 1536 Anne Boleyn was ordered to the Tower of London by her husband King Henry VIII.

- If she wasn't head over heels for him before... she was about to be. 


French President Emmanuel Macron outraged women after thanking the Prime Minister of Australia and his "delicious wife" for inviting him to their country. 

- Even the female Kangaroos are hoppin' mad. 


Prince William finally signed the official Birth Certificate for his week-old baby son, Prince Louis Arthur Charles. 

- Apparently it took Maury Povich a few days longer than expected to get the DNA test back. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!




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