A woman who was photographed picking cabbages on her family farm in Spain is being hailed as "Donald Trump's Twin" after the pic of her holding a hoe went viral. 

- The woman may look like Trump, but the hoe in the pic looks nothing like Stormy Daniels. 


A movement is underway to end the annual "White House Correspondents Dinner" after this year's host Michelle Wolf's vicious monologue including a joke about abortions. 

- I think they should keep the dinner and just go with someone with more class... like say, Kathy Griffin. 


The upcoming meeting between Prez Trump and Kim Jong Un may take place in the DMZ between North and South Koreas. 

- Insiders say Lil Kim is "bummed" because he was hoping the summit would be held at Chuck E. Cheese. 


The Egyptian government is considering passing a law that would jail "unauthorized meteorologists" from putting out "Fake Weather" reports. 

- No offense to meteorologists... but don't MOST of their reports turn out to be fake?? 


A member of Snoop Dogg's entourage has called on members of the Crips gang to "F*** Up" Kanye West after Kanye came out as a fan of Prez Trump. 

- Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian is asking the Crips to "turn the other cheek"... of course the last time SHE did that, she took out four photographers. 


The latest educational trend sweeping the country is “nature preschools,” also referred to as “forest kindergartens,” where kids spend school days roaming around outside. 

- We had a similar thing when I was growing up... it was called "Recess". 


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