President Trump recorded a special video to celebrate all the Mother's and Grandmother's in the country yesterday. 

- He also gave a shout out to "the biggest Mother of them all... James Comey". 

- And he gave a special Mother's Day gift to first Lady Melania... a new TV for HER bedroom! 


Scientists in Germany are working on creating tiny, Neanderthal-sized brains. 

- The idea came up while researchers were watching "The View". 


A survey by the Social Security Administration found that “Melania” is one of the five fastest growing baby names in the country, moving up 720 spaces in the past year. 

- That's nothing compared to "Stormy". 


The Lifetime movie about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle which aired last night is getting panned on social media, with people saying it was "Cheesy" and "Way Over The Top". 

- In other words, it was a LIFETIME MOVIE. 


Crocs, the ugly foam shoes that Vogue magazine once called "the secret shameful shoe" are making a huge comeback. 

- Now... if we can just bring back Fanny Packs and Mullet haircuts... the crowd at Cedar Point is about to get a lot better looking!  


North Korea released a detailed plan to close it's Nuclear Test Site ahead of Kim Jong Un's meeting with President Trump. 

- So, basically, Mr. Un spent a ton of money on a Nuclear Program that he never used... Just like his gym membership. 


Congrats to my friend and fellow Detroiter, Tim Allen on his show "Last Man Standing" finally being renewed!  Although highly rated, it was cancelled by ABC last year... but will be back in the Fall on the Fox TV Network! (In Detroit, that's Channel 2). 

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday! 


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