American Coney Island is bringing back last year's hit: "Paczki Coney's" for  Fat Tuesday next week. Each hot dog, covered in chili, mustard & onions snuggled in a sugary donut bun will set you back 5 bucks. 

- Just make sure you get it with a DIET Coke and you're good to go. 

- Fries are extra... but the Heart Attack is FREE! 


Hooter's is trying to help singles mend their broken hearts by offering 10 free wings (with the purchase of 10) to anyone who brings in a pic of their ex and rips it up at the restaurant. 

- Ironically, most of the guys ex's dumped 'em because they went to Hooter's in the first place. 


Kim Jong Un has sent 200 cheerleaders to the Olympics in matching red outfits. 

- They're good, but the Egyptian cheerleaders still make the best Pyramids. 


The top Dem on the House Intelligence Committee, Trump-foe Adam Schiff was pranked by two Russian radio show hosts who called him last Spring and offered up naked pics of the Prez allegedly taken by a woman he slept with.

- In Russia, this is known as a "Putin Call".

- The guys were part of the morning show "Vlad Putin and Putin's People".  


Barbra Streisand is in talks to star in a Netflix show about politicians. 

- The first episode will be called, "Bill Clinton: You Don't Bring Me Gennifer Flowers Anymore". 


Two women claim that Richard Dreyfuss grabbed their butts backstage at a Broadway show in 2004 - and they've got pics.

- You can find out the whole story in the new movie, "Mr. Holland Groped Us".


SAVE THE DATE! The 31st Annual Salvation Army Bed & Bread Radionthon is just a little over two weeks away - on Friday Feb. 23rd! All 16 hours - from 6am to 10pm - will be broadcast LIVE on 760 WJR AM. Jackie, Big Al and I will be back behind the mics for the final four hours so I hope you'll tune in... and more importantly... Donate to the feeding and sheltering Bed & Bread Program! You can even donate NOW! Thanks!

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!



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