Are you ready for this?? Doritos is developing "Lady-friendly chips" for women who don't enjoy the loud crunch of traditional Doritos. 

- Just when women find their voice... Doritos is trying to Silence their snacks!

- Here it comes... The #MeChew movement.

- Okay, but they better not mess with my Cheetos!


Investors are on edge after the Stock Market fell a whopping 1175 points yesterday. 

- There hasn't been that big a drop since Michael Moore's boobs hit the floor when he took off his Manziere. 


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took PC to new heights yesterday when he told a woman at a Town Hall Meeting to say "Peoplekind" instead of "Mankind" because it's "more inclusive". 

- He then left to give a speech in the Province of Person-a-toba. 


The National Weather Service sent out a Tsunami Warning for the entire East Coast of the US this morning, but they forgot to mention that it was just a "practice test". 

- Sending out fake tsunami and missile warnings has become the "Ice Bucket Challenge" of 2018. 


Officials in South Korea have called in almost 1000 military troops to take over for Olympic Security Staff members who have been sidelined with a virus causing intestinal distress. 

- It's so contagious, Athletes now have the chance to win Gold, Silver, Bronze and Porcelain. 


The North Korean Olympic Hockey Team lost their first scrimage game against Sweden 3 to 1. 

- On the bright side, since they didn't lose an actual Medal Event, Kim Jong Un just maimed the players instead of killing them. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!


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