It's National Dry Bean Day! 

- The day when bean lovers everywhere toot their own horn. 


Sports Illustrated is coming out with a special issue in support of the #MeToo movement... featuring naked female models with words of empowerment written on their bodies. 

- Yup. Nothing says "Don't Objectify Me" like the words "Don't Objectify Me" scrawled in magic marker on your bare boobs. 


Police in Scotland successfully ended a 45-minute stand-off with a Tiger... after finding out it was a little girl's stuffed animal. 

- She won it at a fair and left it outside in her Scotland Yard. 


An outbreak of the Norovirus and below zero wind-chills have the Olympics in chaos before they've even held the Opening Ceremonies.  

- On the bright side it's given rise to a new sport: Frozen Projectile Vomiting. 


A Florida college student says she was forced to flush her "Support Hamster" down the toilet after Spirit Airlines refused to let her furry friend "Pebbles" board the plane. 

- I feel bad for the hamster... But if someone needs a "Support Hamster"... THEY'RE the one who shouldn't be allowed to fly. 


A new study found that 100 Germans every year die while... um... "pleasuring themselves". 

- Another 500 or so stop as soon as they go blind. 


An elementary school in Staten Island, NY has cancelled it's "Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance" because it's "not inclusive" enough.

- Instead they'll have a "My Daddy Identifies as A Mommy Daughter Dinner Dance".

- Soon all weddings will be cancelled, because the guests don't feel as special as the Bride and Groom. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday! 

NOTE: The 31st Annual Salvation Army Radiothon benefiting the Bed & Bread Club Feeding and Sheltering program is just two weeks from tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 23! The 16 hour event is the ONLY fundraiser of the year for this incredible program that feeds over 4000 people a day and shelters over 500 men, women & children every night. (They'll really be jammed tonight with upwards of 7" of snow expected!). It will be broadcast LIVE on WJR 760 AM from 6 in the morning until 10 that night... with Jackie, Big Al and I hosting the 6pm to 10pm slot! You can even donate NOW by clicking on @salmich.org. and I will let you know the phone number to call as soon as it's up and running! Thanks so much for your support!