"Peeps", the iconic marshmallow Easter fav is adding 8 new flavors this year - including "Pancakes & Syrup" but 3 of them come in "Mystery Packages" with fans asked to guess the flavors. 

- I've got my fingers crossed that one of them is "Grilled Salmon".

- The Easter Bunny tried to get them to reveal the secret flavors but even He couldn't get a Peep out of 'em. 


67 year old Jane Seymour just finished a photoshoot for Playboy... her 3rd pictorial for the magazine. 

- If well received, she hopes to star in the new TV series "Dr. Quinn, Naked Medicine Woman". 


More than 10 people have reported sexual harassment at the Olympics. 

- If you think that's bad... imagine if Matt Lauer had been there. 


Amazon's Jeff Bezos is almost done building a "10,000 Year Clock" built into a Texas mountain that ticks once a year, has a century hand that advances once every 100 years, and a giant bird that pops out every thousand years. 

- Sounds like Bezos is the one who is a little Cuckoo. 


A study out of the University of California found that drinking two glasses of beer or wine everyday increases your chances of living into your 90's by 18% - that's more than exercising. 

- Then again, when you're in your 90's, walking to the fridge to get a beer IS exercise. 


Taiwan's premier was forced to call for calm on Tuesday after people began panic-buying toilet paper amid rumours of a major price hike.

- Supermarkets say they were completely wiped out of Charmin. (Don't stop me now... I'm on a roll!)


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!



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