Olive Garden's new "Meatball Pizza Bowl" packs 880 calories and 49 grams of fat per serving... that's a full-day's worth of fat. 

- This is perfect for people who just don't get enough fat from their "Never Ending Fettuccini Alfredo". 


Barbra Streisand admits she cloned two of her dogs, "Miss Violent" and "Miss Scarlett" from cells from her deceased dog, "Miss Fanny" for $100,000.  

- Wow. That's 50 grand a pup. 

- She even wrote a song about it... "Send in the Clones". 


With more than 900 days left in office, Prez. Trump announced that he's running for Commander in Chief again in 2020. 

- Sure it's early to start talking about the 2020 election, but if it stops people from talking about the 2016 election, I'm all for it. 


British Health Officials are warning of a new Medical Condition: Selfie Addiction. 

- In my day, Mothers told their sons that too much "Selfie Addiction" would make them go blind. 


The Kardashians won a copyright suit against a bakery that was named after them. 

- And just like that the "Big Butts Bakery" had to change it's name. 


An Elvis impersonator named Elvis D. Presley is running for congress in Arkansas. 

- His slogan is "Make Bacon, Peanut Butter & 'Nana Sandwiches Great Again".


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday! 




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