Los Angeles will reportedly make Hugh Hefner's old home - the Playboy Mansion - a "Historic-Cultural Monument" within 30 days. 

- Visitors will receive a map of the bedrooms and a free shot of penicillin. 


Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA has died at the age of 91. 

- The burial has been put off by two weeks to give his undertaker time to figure out how to assemble the casket the family purchased from IKEA. 


A study at a high school in NYC found that 83% of students admit to cheating on tests. 

- And of the 83%, 75% admitted they paid someone else to take the survey for them. 


President Trump and rapper Jay Z are in a war of words with Trump reminding Z that Black unemployment is at an all time low, after Z criticized the Prez for his "S---hole" countries comments.  

- Kanye West joined the fight, tweeting that "Beyonce is responsible for the best Black Employment rate of all time!" 


Airlines are complaining that more and more people are faking papers that document their pooches as "Support Dogs" so they can bring their furry friends into the cabin on flights. 

- This is how Greyhound got started. 


An 89 year old woman whose been dubbed the "World's Oldest Supermodel" just became the face of a new line of Mascara. 

- Her husband is also a model, often appearing on the cover of the AAR-I-Get-Up-Ten-Times-A-Night-To-Pee Magazine. 


SAVE THE DATE! The 31st Annual 16-Hour Salvation Army Radiothon benefiting the Bed & Bread Program is coming up on Friday, February 23rd! Details (including the NEW location) tomorrow! 

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday! 


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