After 29 years, the Palace of Auburn Hills will officially shut it's doors after Bob Seger's concert on September 23rd; meanwhile, Kid Rock will open Little Caesers' Arena on September 9th. 

- Seger has no special plans, saying his Palace concert will be "Still the Same", while Kid says he's "Hot & Ready" to play Little Caesars. 


One Powerball ticket holder in Massachusetts woke up this morning almost $759 million dollars richer. 

- And just like that he found out he has 759 million "close relatives" he's never heard of.


Another bad day for ESPN... One of their radio hosts has been arrested for breaking into a neighbors condo in Wyoming "drunk and naked". 

- Lucky for him his name isn't "Robert Lee" so he WILL be allowed to go on the air as previously scheduled. 


A brothel in Vienna claims that a sex doll named "Fanny" has become more requested than the Live girls who work there. 

- That will all change when scientists teach the bots how to steal a guys wallet. 


A five-year-old California girl burst into tears after her Kindergarten teacher read the class books on transgenderism. She went home and told her parents she was afraid she'd become a boy. 

- This is what happens when you read "Curious George Goes To Visit Caitlyn Jenner". 


It's National Complain About The Weather Day! 

- A high of 66 degrees on August 24th??? Yeah, I'm COMPLAINING! 


Have a great day... stay warm... and I'll see you back here Friday!