A new study found that women looking for long term relationships find men with beards the most desirable because facial hair indicates a man's ability to compete for resources. 

- As long as those resources don't include a razor and some shaving cream. 

- This explains why so many women think David Letterman's post-Late-Show beard is so HOT! 


The NY Times claims there's a memo written by James Comey that says President Trump asked him to stop investigating some of the allegations of his staff's ties to Russia, but no one has seen the memo. 

- Either the Times lost it... or they're still writing it. 


Vladimir Putin says he has "proof" that President Trump DIDN'T reveal any state secrets in a meeting with Russian officials... in the form of a written transcript of the meeting. 

- True? If you can't believe ol' Vlad, who can you believe? 


Two friends of former Prez Obama told People Magazine that he told them Donald Trump is "Nothing but a Bullsh--er". 

- But he added "If you like your President who is nothing but a Bullsh--er, you can keep your President who is nothing but a Bullsh--er". 


A study in the BMJ Medical Journal found that eating red meat increases your chances of dying from 9 different diseases. 

- Of course if you become a Vegan, you'll die of loneliness. 


A man in Austin, Texas is suing a woman for $17.31, the price he paid for her ticket to "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" in 3D because she texted during the film and ruined their first date. 

- If he took her to a 3D Sci-Fi flick, I'm guessing it wasn't just THEIR first date, but HIS first date Ever. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday! 


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