I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! We Purtan's celebrated all of the Mom's in our immediate family (all 6 of them) with a small gathering - if you call 21 people "small" with dozens of balloons and bouquets, and enough desserts to keep me on the treadmill from now until Christmas.  

Since we were off yesterday, I thought today I'd put up one of my favorite pictures of my wife Gail taken a few years ago (LOL). At the time it was taken, in Hawaii, she'd already given birth to all SIX of our daughters - then ages 4 to 18. Overall, I think I made a pretty good choice!!


Kim Jong Un spent Mother's Day Weekend launching a test missile that came within 60 miles of hitting Russia. 

- Most people who wanted to send a card to "Mother Russia" just popped it in the mail. 


In an effort to win back lost customers, McDonald's is spending millions to upgrade their restaurants to reflect the companies new "Experience of the Future" theme. 

- Of course if you eat at McDonald's too often, you won't have much of a Future to Experience. 


A new scientific report claims that by 2030, the majority of Americans won't own a car, but will use "on-demand" transportation owned by someone else.  

- So basically it'll be like we're all 15 again. 


Vladimir Putin says Russia had nothing to do with a major "Ransomware" attack that's affecting computers across the globe, and blames the U.S. Government for the Hack. 

- Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle a Black Russian.  


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!