Welcome to Mother's Day Weekend and Podcast #217! Today Jackie (a Mother herself) and I (her Father) sit down at the Purtan Family Dining Room Table to discuss a "Mother Lode" of topics. From the Craziness in our nation's Capitol to why Hollywood's most famous actor NEVER saw any of his own movies. 

Then we get a surprise visit from another one of my Daughter's, Jill, (also a Mother) who attempts to explain to me how "Facebook Live" works - and how we could use it for our Podcasts - so you could see us in addition to listening. The result? Well, we may have a bit of a Mother's Day surprise for you on Facebook this Sunday. Stay tuned! 

Then I reveal the ancestral & genetic results of the "23 & Me" DNA test that my wife Gail and I recently took. (Apparently there's a reason I always hand the Pickle Jar to her when I can't open it). 

So as you prepare to celebrate Mom, take a break to listen to a Dad and two Daughter's as we present Podcast #217. 

Have a great Mother's Day and I'll see you back here Monday (and maybe even on Sunday!)