CNN snapped a pic of a Moving Truck between the Executive Office Building and the White House yesterday.

- The Secret Service immediately surrounded the vehicle saying they had apprehended "Two Men and a Truck". 

- Joe Biden said he was "Surprised", since he'd already volunteered to help Barrack move the Oval Office couch. 


Fox News has announced that with the departure of Megyn Kelly to NBC her old 9pm time slot will be filled by Tucker Carlson. 

- The wardrobe department is now busy fitting him with a blond hairpiece and a low cut dress, hoping nobody will notice. 


China lashed out at Donald Trumps use of Twitter saying it is "Undesirable" and that "Diplomacy is not a child's game".

- Which is exactly why they don't allow their 5 year old factory workers to Tweet about their low wages. 


Despite not voting for Trump, the Bush family announced that they will attend the Inauguration.

- Jeb plans to sleep through it, just like he did during the Presidential Primary Debates. 


A group of Irish researchers discovered a new organ inside the human body. 

- Actually they THOUGHT they had found a new organ, but it was just a shot glass their Irish test subject had accidentally swallowed while drinking a Boilermaker. 


Meryl Streep has been asked to speak at the public memorial for Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. 

- I can't wait to hear which accents she's gonna use!


82 year old Charles Manson is said to be seriously ill and has been rushed from prison to a hospital. 

- Didn't we loose enough cherished celebrities last year?


Kim Kardashian West has rejoined Social Media - but has dropped her married name and is just posting as "Kim". 

- But not as "Lil Kim" because that name is already taken, and besides, nobody would take it seriously. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!