The Better Business Bureau has revoked the accreditation of My Pillow and lowered its rating to an "F" based on a pattern of complaints by consumers. 

- They were going to lower the rating yesterday, but decided to sleep on it.

- For a guy who guarantees a great night sleep... this is a nightmare.


Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly is leaving the network after 12 years to go to NBC. 

- Where the heck is Fox News gonna find another hot blond newswoman to take her place???


Arnold Schwarzenegger, who's taking over for Donald Trump on "The Apprentice" will swap out "You're Fired" for "You're Terminated... Hasta La Vista, Baby!"

- Isn't "Hasta La Vista" what he and his hispanic maid named their baby? 


The Buffalo Zoo's new Polar Bear made his public debut on Saturday. 

- Turns out he likes girls AND boys, making him the Zoo's first Bi-Polar Bear. 


The Cannabis Coalition will be handing out thousands of free joints in Washington, DC during Donald Trump's Inauguration. 

- Bill Clinton may not inhale, but I have a feeling Hillary will. 


The first reprint of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" since World War II has become a best seller in Berlin.

- But that's only because they tried to make it sexier by renaming it "Fifty Shades Of The Germans Wore Grey". (Casablanca, anyone?) 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!