A new app called Shovler can connect you with people in your area who are willing to shovel your driveway for money.

- Just press the button and it calls your teenager. 


Osama Bin Laden's eldest son has just been put on the Terrorist Watch List. 

- Which is great. 16 years too late, but still pretty great. 

- You know what they say...  "The Rotten Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree". 


"The People vs. O.J. Simpson" took home the Golden Globe for best TV Mini Series last night. 

- I haven't seen it yet so please Don't tell me how it ends. 


Charles Manson is reportedly too weak to undergo surgery at a hospital in California. 

- He would be surrounded by members of his "family"... but they're all in prison. 


Kim Kardashian told E! Network the during her robbery in Paris last year, she was afraid they were going to shoot her in the back. 

- If they had shot her in the backSIDE, I'm pretty sure that's one bullet that never would have been recovered. 


Carrie Fisher was cremated Friday and her ashes were buried in a container designed to look like a giant Prozac pill. 

- Usually the people ATTENDING the funeral need Prozac, not the deceased.

- Bill Clinton announced that he wants to be buried in a casket shaped like Cialis, "So When The Moment's Right In The Afterlife, He'll Be Ready". 


Yesterday would have been Elvis's 82nd Birthday. 

- He would have celebrated by swiveling his two new artificial hips. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!