Michael Phelps will go for his record breaking 20th Gold Medal at the Olympics in Rio tonight. 

- That's more than anyone in history - except Kim Jong Un who claims he's won 21. 


Donald Trump's Economic speech was interrupted 17 times as 16 female and one male protestors were escorted from the building. 

- I had no idea Ted Cruz was in town. 


In his speech, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton the "Candidate of the Past". 

- Hillary told supporters, "Don't worry... I deleted the past". 


President Obama played his 300th round of golf as President yesterday. 

- Every single drive hooked far to the left.


The attorney for the infamous Mexican Drug Kingpin "El Chapo" claims his client is so stressed by being in prison that he's going bald. 

- It's so bad, Prison Guards are calling him "El Rogaine-O". 


A British study found that being overweight makes your brain look 10 years older than a skinnier person's brain. 

- The good news is there's an anti-aging cream for that. The bad news is, it's really hard to rub it onto your brain.  


Angelina Jolie announced that she won't be teaching a class at Georgetown University after all.

- This is a real blow to students who signed up for her class so they could be adopted by her. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!