Delta Airlines has begun very limited flight service after an overnight computer crash caused them to cancel all flights worldwide.

- However, Donald Trump, who is in Detroit today for a major economic speech has offered to fly anyone out on Trump Air... in exchange for a vote. 


Hillary Clinton accidentally referred to The Donald as her "husband" during a rally over the weekend. 

- It's easy to confuse two old guys who have a thing for younger women. 


Leonardo DiCaprio is being mocked online for a series of photos that fans say show him sporting an overweight "Dad Bod". 

- Hey... it's hard to eat healthy when you spend all your time flying around the world on a gas-guzzling private jet to give speeches on Global Warming.

- Apparently somebody hit the Midnight Buffet pretty hard before the Titanic hit that iceberg.


A new study has determined which state has the Worst Drivers in the country...and the winner is: Florida. 

- To celebrate being #1, Floridians will drive around today with their left turn signal on. Just like every other day. 


The Playboy Mansion is back on the market after a $110 million deal fell apart. 

- Apparently the Home Inspector said the place was overrun by Rabbits. 

- And Hugh Hefner is no longer up to Code. 

- On a happy note... there were dozens of viruses in the Mansion, but no Zika!


An elderly woman in Alaska took her deceased 78 year old husband on a days long road trip - he was in a casket in the back of her pick up truck. 

- She says she just wanted him to finally understand how easy it is to get around when you actually stop and ask for directions. 


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