Welcome to Mother's Day Weekend and Podcast #194! Today Jackie and I sit down around the Purtan Family Dining Room Table to weed through more topics than my next door neighbor has dandelions in his front yard. Included: What my late father had to say about Gail's Aunt Ethel at her funeral... A new government rule that says you can't call an "ex-con" an "ex-con" anymore because it might hurt their self esteem... The only two things I actually remember learning in College... and we play a cut off "The Best of Purtan" that may have you reconsidering how you feed your fish. 

So put down that weed-whacker for a few minutes, plant yourself down, and join us for Podcast #194. Who knows... it might just grow on you!

Have a great weekend, Happy Mother's Day and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!


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