In a speech Monday, Bill Clinton referred to the Obama presidency as the "awful legacy of the last eight years". 

- So apparently in addition to taking off his pants, Bill is capable of taking off the gloves. 


CBS aired a focus group during the political program "Face The Nation" on Sunday that called Hillary Clinton the worst liar they've ever seen because she even lied about lying. 

- MSNBC's Brian Williams confirmed the focus groups' assessment, saying he was there each and every time Hillary lied. 


A recent study revealed that 8 in 10 men have cried during an emotional television show. 

- And that doesn't even count Senator Rubio after Trump called him "Little Marco" during the debate. 


An unnamed "Third Party" has stepped in and said they can create a way for the FBI to break into the iPhone of the San Bernadino terrorists. 

- Here's a tip for the FBI: Call my 14 year old grandson Charlie. He'll do it faster and a lot cheaper. 


7-Eleven is now selling a Slurpee flavored donut. 

- Wouldn't a Donut flavored Slurpee be more refreshing? 

- Just when you thought the Kielbasa that's been on the roller for 16 hours was the unhealthiest thing at 7-Eleven. 


Olivia Newton John's former boyfriend, who mysteriously disappeared off a boat 11 years ago has been spotted in Mexico with a new girlfriend. 

- Poor Olivia... She was hopelessly devoted to that guy. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!