Temps may only reach the low 40's today...but it's the first Monday of Spring!!! That means I can finally wear my black socks and sandals without getting funny looks from people! 


It's National Common Courtesy Day...and in honor of that, AT&T has announced a list of ways to be courteous on your cell phone. One of the suggestions: Don't talk on your cell in public restrooms. 

- They also ask men not to stream videos while they're at the urinals. 

- Finally...a day without any Butt-dialing!


Twitter turns 10 years old today. 

- I was going to get it a gift...but decided to wait until it's Tweet Sixteen. 


Fox News issued a statement saying that Donald Trump has an extreme, sick obsession with Megyn Kelly. 

- My daughters claim that he actually has a "crush" on her and is showing his affection by taunting her like a school yard bully. Agree?

- Fox has decided to build a giant wall around Megyn to keep The Donald from sneaking in to see her. 


Pope Francis officially posted his first Instagram photo on Saturday. 

- But unlike most Instagram users, he was fully robed in the pic. 


The Mexican prison holding El Chapo has denied his request to use the "Conjugal Room". 

- So when it comes to women, he'll have to resort to what he's good at: Smuggling them in. 


On this day in 1790 Thomas Jefferson reported to President George Washington as the first Secretary of State. 

- But what difference does it make??? 

- Jefferson immediately claimed that the Boston Massacre was caused by an Anti-American pencil drawing that was making the rounds. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!