OCTOBER 8, 2016

Well thanks to the miracle of modern science (okay... Jackie figured out which button to push) I am thrilled to present our first full length Podcast in some time! 

With Hurricane Matthew on everyone's mind... I'll tell you the true (even backed up by old newspaper accounts) story of how a very young and naive Gail and I not only survived Hurricane Donna when it ravaged Jacksonville, Florida in 1960 - but how we actually drove across a massive bridge during the worst of it... all so I could get to work on time. (Hey... somebody had to be there to spin the tunes!)

Then it's on to our final look at the new Seinfeld book - with an emphasis this time on Michael Richards aka Kramer. (Hint: He was apparently as eccentric when the cameras were off, as he was when they were rolling). 

So put down that rickshaw your pulling and instead of declaring "I'm out!", "Tune in!" to Podcast #206. 

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!