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Welcome to the weekend and my wife Gail's "Birthday Podcast"... #181. (That's how many podcasts we've done, not how many candles are on the cake!) Today Jackie, the Birthday Girl and I unwrap topics including: 

- How I got TMJ.

- The Purtan Thanksgiving Dinner and what we didn't have on the table this year for the first time ever. Plus the dish we did have on the table that only two out of the 21 of us like. 

- The thing that, according to a new study, keeps women happy with their husbands for the first 18 years... and then it doesn't matter. 

- The importance of having a work ethic.

- Speaking of a strong work ethic, Jackie gives us an update on her good friend James "The Walking Man" Robertson. 

- And finally, the historical time period (other than the present) that we would like to have lived in... and the downsides to living in those times. (Especially the personal hygiene part!) 

So put on your Birthday party hat and join us for Podcast #181. (35:04)

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog! 


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