Donald Trump will release a Doctor's report of his health within two weeks and he says that it will show "perfection". 

- For proof he cites the support he has from the American Heart Association, American Lung Association and especially the American Proctology Association.  


A British study found that worrying can take 5 years off your life. 

- Great. Something else to worry about. 


Meanwhile a California scientist claims to have developed a pill that can help us live to be 120 years old. 

- The way things are going right now, I'm not sure most people wanna stick around that long. 


The big controversy in Hollywood is that Leonardo di Caprio is sexually assaulted by a bear in his new movie, "Revenant". 

- The studio claims it's not a real's just Bill Cosby in a bear suit. 


The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - the top Military General in the US - yesterday contradicted President Obama's consistent claim that ISIS has been contained.  

- He better hope Obama didn't draw his name in the White House "Secret Santa" gift exchange. 


The VW Beetle used in the "Herbie The Love Bug" movies sold at an auction for $86,000.

- In a related story, Hollywood is planing a remake of the movie called "Charlie Sheen The Love Bug". 


Scientists at Tel Aviv University concluded that it's impossible to tell the difference between a male and female brain. 

- And among politicians they found it's hard to find a brain at all. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday! 


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