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A survey by the National Retail Federation found that more Americans purchased gifts on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday. 

- They also predict that in keeping with tradition, most husbands will buy their wife's gift at a gas station at 11pm on Christmas Eve. 


Speaking of the Holidays... An AP survey found that most Millennials want cash for Christmas. 

- Thousands of parents are now shopping around for the best deals on money. 


Kylie Jenner told Ellen DeGeneres that she likes Caitlyn Jenner better as her ex-Step Mom than Bruce Jenner as her ex-Step Dad. 

- Apparently when he was Bruce, he criticized her low cut blouses...but as Caitlyn, she asks to borrow them. 


Bernie Sanders went under the knife for Hernia surgery on Monday. 

- But doctors say he'll heal quickly and be back to trailing Hillary in the polls in no time. 


A Canadian study found that the more Facebook friends a person has, the more stressed they are. 

- And the more Fake Friends they have, the more stressed out they pretend to be. 


Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife announced that they will donate 99% of their Facebook shares to the tune of $45 Billion. 

- The announcement got a "Like" from everyone in the country...except their daughter. 


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