If your looking for some outdoor fun this fall, you might travel over to China for the new Communist Theme Park. 

- The only problem is, park admission is free for everyone, but only government officials get to ride the rides.

- If you've ever wanted to go on a roller coaster run by an underpaid 5 year old, this park is for you. 

- The "Commie Coaster" is reportedly so much fun, after you ride it, you want to ride it again an hour later. 

- If you go there, they guarantee you'll have a sweet...and sour time. 


Hillary Clinton unveiled her new gun control policy on Monday. 

- I don't know... She can't even get her husband to keep his gun in it's holster. 


An Internet hoax claimed that Calitlyn Jenner was thinking about changing back to Bruce, because the whole thing was a bad idea. 

- This is a whole new take on the "He Said/She Said" thing. 


A Tennessee man who was arrested for stealing a truck told police he did it he could spend some time in jail away from his wife. 

- Apparently he doesn't realize that in Jail, he's going to BE somebody's wife. 


Steve Jobs' ex is calling the new movie "Steve Jobs" a travesty. 

- But his kids say he would have liked the film and so do they. Proving that the Apples don't fall far from the tree. 


Matthew McConaughey is said to be completely unrecognizable on the set of his new movie, "Gold". 

- Sounds like somebody took a shower and put on a shirt. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday! 


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