Yesterday, the whole Purtan family gathered for our Annual "Purtan Summer Birthday Bash". There were 21 of us in all...celebrating the NINE birthdays that fall over the Summer months!

I know, I know...if you count the names on the cake there's only EIGHT. Gail and I would like to offer our sincere apologies to daughter #6, Julie, who's name was accidentally left off the cake by the baker. (I told her the important thing to remember was that MY NAME made it!) 

It was a great day - complete with a boat ride with "Captain Dickie" at the helm. As you can see in the picture above...I traded my usual "Titanic Hat" for this very chic chapeau I was given by a listener when I retired. It's from Australia, and apparently the "bobbing-corks-on-a-string" are designed for one of two purposes: 1) To fend off mosquitos and/or kangaroos or 2) To make the wearer look like a complete Dork. (My kids and grandkids went for #2). 

Can't wait for next years extravaganza! 


In other news... 

A new dating site tests users' DNA to make sure they're a safe biological match for each other. 

- These websites can't get people to put up a real profile picture of they really think "HornyHarold2014" is going to send in his own DNA???

- The site is called xy&


Today, July 21, in "National Junk Food Day".  

- In honor of the day, Little Debbie just got engaged to that Ding-Dong she's been dating FOREVER! 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West laid out a half a million dollars for a body double for their daughter to shield her from the paparazzi. 

- The code name for "North West's" miniature body-double is "South East". 


RIP...James Garner. The actor whose career spanned TV shows "Maverick" & "The Rockford Files" to scores of movies including "Murphy's Romance" and "The Notebook" died over the weekend at the age of 86. Many also remember Garner as the longtime TV spokesman for Polaroid Cameras. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday! And don't forget to check my latest Podcast #128! Just click here to listen! 



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