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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #123! Today Jackie (Daughter #2) and I welcome JoAnne (Daughter #4) to the Purtan dining room table, along with a special two year old guest...Brayden...son of Julie (Daughter #6). Confused yet? I am. And it's my family! 

Here's just a sneak peak at our topics du jour: 

- The Scripps Spelling Bee that ended in a tie because they ran out of something very important.

- Brayden's impersonation of the announcer from "The Price Is Right!" 

- A new law under consideration in Europe that would permanently delete anything negative any person had every done or said from the Internet. (Think googling "Germany" and finding no mention of Hitler...or more importantly searching "Annoying People" and NOT having the Kardashian's show up).

- How Madonna got out of Jury Duty with a doctor's note. (Who knew being on penicillin could get you out of your civic duty?) 

- And do women accept lower pay because they're just happy to be at work and out of the house? 

We answer that question and more in Podcast #123! 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday with my regular blog! 


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