Singer George Michael was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after collapsing at his home in London. Paramedics were there for four hours before taking him in for treatment. 

- This is a change for George who usually passes out in his car waiting for the light to change. 

- George's boyfriend slept through the whole thing and later told paramedics "Next time...wake me up before you go go!"


Donald Sterling says that despite reports to the contrary, the Clippers are not for sale. 

- He said he even wants to buy another team but so far the Harlem Globetrotters haven't returned his calls.


50 Cent is being mocked on Twitter for throwing a terrible first pitch at a Mets game...with some people claiming he must have been on drugs. 

- Ya think??? 

- To be honest, his pitch wasn't that much worse than the Met's regular starter. 


Hillary Clinton's publisher released an excerpt of her new book, "Hard Choices". 

- Are they sure that's not the name of Bill's new book? 


A study by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that most American kids are physically unfit. 

- Which makes it hard to help with the chores their parents can't do because they're physically unfit too. 

- They conducted the study by spending a day at Cedar Point. 


An Indian court will rule whether a Hindu spiritual leader is dead or just laying really still. 

- I guess the whole "Have a doctor check his pulse thing" slipped their minds. 

- Thousands of men want to know the same thing about their wives every time they want to get randy. 


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