After last weeks "wardrobe malfunction", Buckingham Palace hired a full-time aide to shield Kate Middleton's rear end from photographers.

- I'm okay with long as they leave her sister Pippa's butt alone. 

- The Queen is said to be upset and literally has her panties in a bunch.    


RIP...Ann B. Davis. The 88 year old actress best known for her role as the lovable housekeeper for the "Brady Bunch" died Sunday morning after a fall. 

- Her last words were "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia".

- On the bright side, if you're a housekeeper looking for a man, Sam the Butcher is now available. 


Casey Kasem was rushed to a Seattle hospital by ambulance for medical treatment yesterday - but it wasn't easy. Casey's 2nd wife Jean, threw a pound of raw meat at his daughter Kerri (from his first marriage). A judge recently made Kerri his caretaker. 

- That's the last time Kerri will go over to Jean's house for a burger.  


Prostitutes in Brazil are taking English lessons in preparation for the upcoming World Cup in which England will be playing. 

- So far they've learned two words: "Cash Only". 

- But isn't "Love" the Universal language?

- The lessons will come in handy with all the customers who just want to talk. 


Google officially unveiled their self-driving car, which doesn't have a steering wheel or a brake pedal. 

- You can tell it was designed by men.  The car refuses to stop and ask for directions. 


Melissa Etheridge married her longtime girlfriend in California over the weekend. 

- The wedding went off without a hitch until they got to the hotel and started arguing over who got to carry who over the threshold. 


Donald Sterling caused quite a stir when he showed up for a service at a predominantly black church in LA on Sunday.  

- Church goers said the last white celebrity to attend services there was Michael Jackson. 


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